Saturday, May 16, 2009

San Diego

I feel like it's been forever since I've said anything.  It's because I've been busy - not just with work or school, granted that is quite time consuming, but it was a month for me to let go and liberate different parts of myself.  

I've become quite the fan of San Diego.  It's a really fun city...the people are chill and it's like LA but not so much with the necessity to reach the status quo of the standards they pretend to uphold.  Does that sentence even make sense?  Who cares, right?

So I've been there about 4 times in the past month and each time I go to a different part of it, or chill at a different bar and meet new friends.  It's great.  I've also made some really good friends at work.  The past four days I've basically spent with my friend Brittany.  Brittany and I always plan these friend-date nights that are supposed to involve wine, board games, and great food.  Of course we both procrastinate and flake so our first night hanging out ended up at 1am the morning before mothers day.  We drank two bottles of wine, laughed for 3 hours, and played cards until we were exhausted.  It was a great night.

We went to work the next day and it was a very big day for the restaurant, granted it was mother's day, and it was exciting!  People filled the restaurant from 10am until 9pm that night.  Brittany and I discovered this new found friendship and the week started Tuesday night.  The restaurant was slow so I got the night off after a few hours and went to Duke's for Taco Tuesdays.  Didn't have a taco but had a hinano beer, which was quite delicious in itself.  

We piled in the cars and all came to my apartment to start the evening before heading to Hyde.  Hyde was fun, chill, we danced...a lot.  Next thing I know I'm on my fourth Long Island and we're closing out and heading to Mel's to eat some late night grub.  Brittany and I were both far less than sober so instead of eating we were going to sleep in the car, ha, but we kept kicking each other off the backseat and it was hilarious so I went inside and ordered Chili Cheese Fries.  This was not a conscious ANY means.  The night was fun though!

The next day, my new found other half that happens to be a girl, went to our friend Kim's house and swam for a bit, all the while laughing, and then we took her to work.  I sat on the beach for a little bit but then went inside and chilled until we were closed.  After work, we stopped by the pavillions and bought a six pack....not of beer.  It involved three bottles of champagne and three bottles of wine and staying at Annalise's house that evening.  It was a great night, AGAIN.  The bubbles just hit the right spot and we ended up laughing and laughing and taking way too many pictures until 4 in the morning.

So, for the past week I told Brittany that we would go to this "artwalk" thing in downtown LA.  Apparently once a month the galleries downtown open up for local artists to show their work.  We started on Main Street and just walked to each gallery for blocks.  We drank wine.  We stopped occasionally to listen to whatever street musician or band was playing.  We analyzed art in the way normal people do - not the psychopathic way we had to in school to find "the deeper meaning".  After the artwalk, and a long day of lying around doing much of nothing but resting, we went to meet up with some people at Cabo, then down to Britannia, and back to my house for some shut eye.  

Overall the past four days have been exquisite.  My abs hurt so hard from laughing and my liver is sick of processing wine, but happily does it for the experience.

I've been busy, but I've been happy.  Never been happier.  
There are many moments throughout a day that I realize God really blesses me more than I deserve...  

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  1. I'm SO happy you are happy! I look forward to hearing more and eventually i'm going to come out to cali and visit!