Thursday, April 9, 2009

Nothing Falls Like London Rain...

Ok, shocker, I know I'm not in London - but since I lived there it is approved for my personal use...and my sister titled it as one of her emails she sent when she lived there and I always told her I would steal it.  

It was a good night at work - not too slow but busy enough to keep moving.  I had some great tables tonight, lovely people.  It's going to be a long weekend though!  Working Friday and Saturday night, then up early for a great day on Sunday.  Then class next week and Wednesday I'm off to San Diego!  

I was never big on family events, or outings, per se, but lately I really have missed the fam being so close by.  I used to only live an hour from both of my parents, so it was easy if I ever wanted to see them.  They would come to dinner in Oxford when I was off or I would go to Memphis (which happened much less often) and I got my "family fill" for a few months.  It's different, I have to save up my time to see them when I fly home, which I'm scared to say won't be happening for a few more months.  I do, in the back of my head, wish I would be there this weekend for Easter.  When I was young I used to go to Tulsa, OK and spend every Easter with my grandmother (Dad's mom) and we did the whole dye easter eggs and hunt them - which my Dad was a professional at hiding them, often putting them in places I couldn't reach littleless see...  Last Easter I spent in Little Rock, AR with my cousins and grandmother and that was fun.  It's weird.  When I was young I saw my cousins so often, granted we all lived a few states a part, there was always that time over the summer or thanksgiving or christmas.  Now, it goes almost years until I see them again.  

It's ok though, my dad was talking to me the other day about getting "the cousins" together next year around this time down in Seaside, Florida for a big reunion.  I see that as being a week of sunburns and waaaayy too much whiskey/beer consumed.  I will succumb though, no worries.  

I haven't talked to my friends studying abroad lately.  Argentina is 4 hours ahead so it's hard to plan phone convos/ Skype time with Kent.  New Zealand is 4 hours behind...but the next day, so it's difficult to plan that as well with Anna and Erin.  My friends in New Zealand are doing great though.  Anna and Erin both got jobs in the restaurant industry - Erin is a bartender and Anna is a server.  However, I think Anna quit, actually I know she did but alls I know it involved was a dropped tenderloin on someone's head. Gotta love my Anna....  Erin seems to be doing well though - she has always had that "bartender" persona about her.  She can pour a drink as well as she can handle one - which somedays is better than me.  Quite impressive.  Hopefully I'll be visiting them sometime this fall.  Realllllly excited about that.

This past week was my roommates birthday.  We quit celebrating Wednesday - yes, about 8 days of celebrating, but she is completely worth it.  Her party was in the upstairs room at her work, Red Rock, and I joined them shortly after work to indulge in the festivities.  Everyone was there JUST for The Kerri Nunez.  She has so many people in the city that love her and want to see her happy it was a great turnout.  After the party ended we cabbed it home about 2:45 in the morning.  Yes, we CABBED it - yay all of us for not driving home.  We are not fools!  It was a great week either way.

Anyway, my glass of wine has been more than soothing and it is time for me to get my sleepless rest.  I'm getting ready for my visit to San Diego Wednesday to see a friend, I can't wait!  They always have a blast down there so I know it will be a good time.  Until then, eat whatever you want - you only have one life and if you eat it away at least you died full.

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  1. being away from family has its advantages.. but it would be nice to get home more.. i see my parents 2 times a year.. i talk to them about 20 times a year.. thats just weird.

    hope you have fun in San Diego! I know you will enjoy yourself... i certainly would..

    have a happy easter! i think we are doing mimosas in waterfront park.. totally illegal.. but its easter.. jesus would want it that way