Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Waltz On, Chef Erika Lipe

The seasons are changing in Oxford. The life is coming back in the trees on North and South Lamar (if you ever come to Oxford there are two things you need to see: the grove and Lamar avenue when it's in full force). Maybe things aren't changing as much as I portray them, but they are to me. Ole Miss now has residential colleges, being greek seemed ages ago, The Blind Pig moved. There are so many new condos and neighborhoods that I have no idea where people live when they tell me.

Tonight, we celebrate Mardi Gras. Tonight, at Waltz on the Square, in Oxford, MS, we celebrate the next step for our Chef Erika Lipe. She's moving to St. Simon's Island, GA next week to be Executive Chef at the Saltwater Cowboy; and she will slightly be missed ;)

Tonight is the last night we get the pleasure of cooking for her (for a while, at least). We are doing a gourmet Mardi Gras buffet, which is her style. Come celebrate the good food, good music, and meet one of the most talented Chefs in Oxford.

Tonight, is to the one who has worked harder than anyone for that restaurant, the one who we all grew to love, the one who taught us the joy of cooking, the one who not only made us great at what we do, but also made is proud of what we do. Waltz will continue on as Waltz, but best of luck to Chef Erika Lipe. With love.

Your Sous,

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Location:Our Lives, The Butcher's Block, Waltz, Oxford, MS

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