Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Whiskey & Eggs: A Prelude

Dustin Hoffman is probably the greatest Hook, from Allyson Cartwright. Allyson, is also the same girl that will write a book better than mine with the title "the ramblings of a 20-something nothing." It will be on the New York Time's best-seller list within the first year of production. I guarantee. Sorry, I haven't quite learned how to italicize fonts on the iPad yet, but I'm working on it.

I always talk about writing this book, which is lately becoming a hallucination instead of a reality, but it will be called whiskey and eggs. Granted, I've already named about 4 titles of 4 books I won't write, but I promise you loved them already.

Hook is such a dumb metaphor for life, but I don't care. It's equivalent to the goonies. Recently, I've felt like I'm supposed to live forty different lives, and just experience the daily routine of someone different every couple of years. So far I think I have a pretty good start.

I was a public school kid, a private school kid, a runner at one point, and an actor at another point. I had geek friends, I was a computer nerd, Starbuck's used to be THE hangout for me....and Starbuck's is not that great. I lived four years as a frat kid and went to debutante balls and away football games and crashed on people's floor/couch/bathroom floor.

I got to pose as a londoner and a Californian for a year. It's weird though, because at each 'stage' in life i feel like I have found the best friends and the best possibilities and opportunities than innate ever had. I'm really lucky, turns out. One thing i haven't done though, is just sit back and relax and relish in the friendships I have made and just live life.

To be only 24, and living this young life, I'm okay with staying around for six or eight more months saving up and spending time with yet another amazing group of people.

Over Christmas I got to spend some time in Seaside, where i completely cooked for pleasure...once i figure out how to work this damn thing better, i might make this writing thing a regular occurrence. But probably not.

Oh, and Merry Belated Christmas.

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